Nyishi handlooms take first step for GI registration

The application for the GI registration has been filed by NABARD.

Raga: The National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD) has applied for Geographical Indication (GI) registration of Nyishi handlooms produced in the state.

This was on Monday informed by NABARD regional office general manager Partho Saha who said that the application for the GI registration has already been filed by the bank.

“GI registration will give a unique identity to the Nyishi handloom products of the state which are being produced by different self help groups (SGH),” Saha, who was here to inaugurate a rural mart supported by NABARD, said.

The rural mart has been sanctioned to the Pei Ann Nyame SGH.

Saha said the NABARD will provide grant assistance to cover the initial operational costs for the mart like rent and salary of salespersons besides cost of promotion and basic capital costs.

“This will help the SHG members who may be risk averse and lack financial capability to have a marketing outlet for their products,” he said.

The general manager said the scheme is part of the marketing initiatives supported by NABARD to enable the producers to sell their farm and off-farm products at reasonable prices by avoiding involvement of intermediaries, monopoly and malpractices of established businessmen.

“It will serve as a link between the producers and the customers, thus aiding generation of additional income and employment at the grassroots level,” he said, while adding that the mart will also provide employment and livelihood opportunities to many SHG members/ families in the district.

Saha expressed his happiness over the NABARD being able to create its footprint in the new Kamle district through grant support.

He also shared valuable tips for running a marketing venture successfully.

NABARD district development manager Mewang Lowang and officials from the Kamle district administration were also present on the occasion.

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