About Us

In the present media landscape, there exists a great divide between those disseminating the news and those consuming it.
In the scarcity of balanced content, the viewers and readers of news have been pushed into the extremes of the left and right wings of thought and action.
Their views are shaped by the content they consume and eventually, those in the media are driven to continue creating that same kind of content that they know they have an audience for. In short, there is a dearth of objectivity and context in the news today.
This, is where we come in. ‘NewsFy’ is a media house that has been formed with the sole objective of pursuing the truth and presenting it to audiences in a balanced manner, catering to the needs of all sections of news consumers.
We are not motived by agendas of divisive politics, or to gain audiences by creating social discord. We are not pursuing ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ on social media on the basis of political differences.
We are not looking for validation. Our sole aim is to pursue the truth, and all sides of the truth. We believe that an informed citizenry is a more empowered citizenry. And that a government receptive to criticism is a government that is responsible.
We are ‘News For You’.