No Chinese incursions in Arunachal? These pictures tell us otherwise

Itanagar: While the debate over China building a village in Shi-Yomi district of Arunachal Pradesh continues to grab national headlines, Anjaw, the easternmost district of the state has on the other hand been witnessing frequent incursions from the Chinese army.

The Anjaw district borders China on the north.

Sources from Anjaw told NewsFy that soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) are repeatedly entering India territory through the district’s Hadigra Dakhru (Pass) and Glai Dakhru (Pass) every month.

The Hadigra and Glai passes are located on the west and east of Mount Kayu Hagam in Anjaw respectively.

Mount Kayu Hagam

“In October this year, the PLA entered the Phum-Phum area, which is approximately 35km inside Indian Territory through Glai Dakhru (pass). They halted there for a few days, during which they built makeshift chairs and tables using tree logs. The troops also left behind strips of medicine, food wrappers and other items,” the source said.

Glai Dakhru is around 120km from Chaglagam, one of the last villages on the Indo-China border in Anjaw district.

Sources said, in September the Chinese Army transgressed 50km inside Indian Territory through the Hadigra Dakhru (pass).

The writings on the rocks in Chinese demarcating the area can be seen just one kilometer away from the last Indo-Tibetan Border Police (ITBP) camp in Kapapu, the source said.

“The Chinese army enters Indian Territory every year and writes on rocks and trees to show that the land belongs to them. However, this time they have changed their way of writing. Earlier they used to write in detail about their visit but this time they have only mentioned the year,” the source said.

The transgression has become very frequent this year. In April too, the PLA had entered 30km inside Indian Territory through Hadigra Dakhru and constructed a temporary camp at the Plum-Plum area, the source added.

Interestingly, Anjaw also has one of the Border Personnel Meeting (BPM) points at Kibithu where the PLA and Indian Army hold ceremonial and practical meetings to resolve border issues and improve relations between the two countries.

Arunachal Pradesh shares a 1,129 kilometre long border with China occupied Tibet.

China claims Arunachal to be a part of South Tibet and therefore a part of China.

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