Governor pats Covid frontline workers

Itanagar: Governor Brig (Retd) B D Mishra has appreciated the frontline workers, doctors, the state administration and police for their concerted effort in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic in the state.

The governor said while there has been a decrease in the number of Covid-19 positive cases in the state in the last few days, we cannot afford to drop our guards and must maintain Covid appropriate behaviour and continue to take all precautions till the cases become nil.

Mishra said as a matter of civic duty and health necessity, every citizen must put on their facemask, maintain distance and wash hands frequently.

The governor also reiterated his appeal to the people to get vaccinated at the earliest.

Citing the example of Raj Bhavan, where every member has already taken the two doses of vaccination, the governor suggested that every state government official must motivate and get at least 10 persons vaccinated.

Meanwhile, the governor has also conveyed his warm greetings and good wishes to people of the state in general and to the people of Kerala, especially those serving in the state on the auspicious occasion of Onam.

He wished that the festivity ushers in the true sense of amity and prosperity for our countrymen.

In his festival message, the governor said Onam, the thanksgiving festival, originating from the Land of our Keralite brethren, is linked with the harvest season.

Onam is celebrated as a great traditional event with gaiety and enthusiasm. The highlight of the celebrations includes the welcome of the legendary King Mahabali, who in spirit, is believed to be visiting Kerala on the day of Onam. The mood of Onam rejoicing is vividly captured in the age-old rituals, passed on from generation to generation, uniting all in a common brotherhood, transcending the barriers of community, belief and faith, he said.

“May this year’s Onam strengthen the spirit of unity in diversity in our society,” the governor said in his message.

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