IMC services app coming soon: Mayor

IMC Mayor on services mobile app

Itanagar: The Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) would soon launch a mobile application through which people of the Itanagar Capital Region (ICR) can avail several services of the corporation sitting at the comfort of their houses.

This was on Saturday informed by IMC mayor Tame Phassang who said besides making available several services of the ICM at the fingertips of the people, one can also lodge complaints, if any and give suggestions to the corporation through the app.

The name of the application would be ‘IMC-101’.

Phassang said the IMC would also be introducing automatic highway sweeping machines and compaction equipment in a bid to keep the highways of the ICR clean.

The mayor, meanwhile, has once again appealed to the people of Itanagar Capital Region to shun the habit of throwing garbage on roads, especially near the dumping zone in Chimpu.

Phassang, who along with the IMC corporators and commissioner conducted a cleanliness drive at the dumping zone area on Friday, said that throwing garbage on the roadside only creates an unhygienic environment but also affects the attractiveness of the capital city.

“Kindly dispose of the waste at the designated locations instead of throwing them in public places or leaving them on the highways. The IMC staff collects the garbage from 5 am to 10 so kindly adjust your schedules accordingly,” Phassang said.

He further informed that around 60 Metric Tons of garbage is being collected by the IMC from homes, shops, malls, schools, hospitals and markets every day.

With regards to the High Court directives to impose fines on those who litter in public places, the mayor informed that the IMC has already submitted the relevant files to the state government for seeking its consent and the same would be regulated soon.

The Itanagar Bench of the Gauhati High Court had earlier this month directed the IMC to impose fines on those who throw garbage on roads and create or aggravate solid waste pollution in the city under the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016.

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