Arunachal: Pension process to get ‘alarm system’

Pasighat: Arunachal Pradesh deputy chief minister Chowna Mein on Monday informed that an “alarm system” is being evolved by the state’s finance department as a pension friendly measure to remind other departments in advance about the numbers of employees retiring from their respective offices.

This initiative, Mein said, would facilitate the departments to submit all essential documents to the finance department before the employee’s retirement date so that there is no delay in clearing their pensions.

“The delay in the clearance of pensions for the retiring government employees is a major concern, hence the finance department has directed all other departments to prepare and complete all the documents and paper works before 6 months prior to the employee’s retirement so that their pension is cleared at the time of their retirement,” Mein said.

The deputy chief minister said this while addressing the 10th e-Pragati review meeting at the College Of Horticulture and Forestry auditorium here.

Mein said this “alarm system” will also make sure that the retired employees do not have to run pillar to post for the clearance of their pensions after serving the government for several years.

He further informed that the state government has also decided to fast track the process of approving administrative approval and financial concurrence in a major financial reform.

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